Wendy and Beattle
Born October 3, ready for their new homes Dec 5, 2015

The U Turn Litter
4 girls and 2 boys

About the Parents

Canadian/American Champion and National Winner Mylad's Gold Dush and Fairytales (Wendy) and Mylad's American, Canadian, and Grand Champion Mylad's Here Comes the Sun (Beattle) had their babies on Sept 18, 2015  Wendy is out of Peter Pan X Julie and Beattle is out of Coby X Kensie.  All parents, grandparents, and great grandparents have been health tested.  Beattle and Wendy have both produced wonderful puppies, show and companion, with great personalities.  This is a repeat breeding.

About the Litter

Wendy has never given us any trouble with a litter, but Never say Never.  All was going very well on Saturday morning, but Wendy was pushing for quite awhile and still no puppy. When I examined her I felt a foot high in the birth canal.  The foot was still there an hour later but not progress, so off to the vet we went.  Apparently puppy one was bent into a perfect U shape and had the side of the U pressed up against her spine.  She could not move him down so she needed to have a C section.  Everyone came out just fine, and the puppies were nursing instantly.  Wendy recovered extremely quickly and no issues.  Did I mention I love my vet :-)

Pictures coming soon - eyes are just opening

The U Turn Litter
HUgo - The U Turned Puppy Girl
Ooops a couple of mistakes on sex on this litter.  Must have been very tired when we did these pics.  Hugo is a girl :-).  We mixed up Hugo and Lotus
7 Weeks Old - No white on chin
Ursela - Puppy Girl Dark Sable white markings
7 Weeks - White Chest
TUx - Puppy Boy
7 Weeks - Tri
SUssie - Puppy Girl - Dark Sable- Red Head
7 Weeks - No White Chest
LotUs - Puppy Boy
OK this is the other Oops - Lotus had parts I missed, she is a he
7 Weeks
LUlu - Puppy Girl
7 Weeks - White on Chin