Stella and Cuba

Born:  May 15, 2016
Ready to Go Home:  July 17, 2016
3 girls 1 boy

Stella's Litter was born.  This is her final litter and I am hoping to keep the boy out of this litter.  Stella has amazing pups with great temperments and adorable looks.  They are young rodents at the moment but these will turn into beautiful puppies, with gorgeous coat.  The litter was a daytime litter, yippee she started around 1:30 pm and was all done by 5:30  basically a pup an hour and then done.  No issues, all puppies popped right out with ease.  All pretty uniform in size as well.  Lovely lovely litter.

Mom - Stella- Canadian Champion Dad:  Cuba - US and Canadian Grand Champion, multiple group wins and AOM
The Kids
Girl Vivian - one eyepatch 6 weeks Girl Leigh - bigger eye patch 6 weeks
Girl - Vivian - one eyepatch 2 weeks Girl Leigh - bigger eye patch
Girl Kim - black head 6 weeks  Boy Hunter held for show 6 weeks 
Girl - Kim - black head Boy - Hunter - held for me :-)