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Shots and Veterinary Care

Selecting the Right Vet

Your puppy will come with all his de-worming and his/her first set of shots.


This is my vet recommended schedule for shots but do check with your own vetrinary and follow their advice.  If there is a conflict with your breeder please ask your breeder, it could be specific known issues with the Havanese breed.

In Canada we follow a three shot schedule - some places in the US follow a four shot schedule, either is fine but your puppy will recieve their first set of shots at 7 weeks.  With the three shot schedule your vaccines will be given in 4 week intervals.  IT IS VERY IMPORTANT to not go over on the shot interval.

Do not give Lepto and Corona to your Havanese.

7 weeks - sometimes called a 5 way

Adenovirus Type 2
Parvo strain 154 may be vet recommended for a 6 way

Repeat at 11 weeks

Repeat at 16 weeks

Annual Booster

My preference is to not give rabies until 6 months.  There are exceptions if you are travelling with your pet across country borders, or flying you will have to meet country and airline regulations.  Generally that means you will have to have a rabies shot for any puppy over 12 weeks.  Please try not to give rabies within 2 weeks of any other shots.


Most puppies are born with worms and they can do damage to your puppy, and children can also become infected.  Most breeders just assume their puppies are born with worms and treat.  I worm puppies at 2, 4, 6, 7 and 8 weeks.  Different treatments for different cycles and different parasites.  Heartworm is something that is given at 4 months and depending on where you live your vet will recommend the treatment intervals.  If you have mosquitoes you  need to treat often - some areas monthly.

Worming should be something you practice continually.  Some geographic areas worm every month, some twice a year.  I generally worm my adults 3 times a year and have never had an issue with worms.  Ask your vet what products they recommend for the area you are in.  Not all worms and worming treatments are alike.

Choosing the Right Vet

Sometimes it can take awhile to find the right vet.  I have been through 3 vets in 4 years and finally found the vet that is perfect for me.  I visit my vet more often then I see my doctor so a vet I trust and feel like I have a good comfortable relationship is essential to me.  To me having a vet that understands my needs is essential.  I need my vet to be aggressive in treatment as I will pursue any avenue to save a puppy or one of my adults, my vet needs to know and understand this about me.  I also need my vet to be willing to discuss research with me.  I do a lot of reading and research I want to be able to comfortable discuss new treatments, health risks, testing procedures etc.  Make sure you know what it important to you and interview your vet.

Go armed with questions: 

What is your specialty?  What types of dogs do you own?  Do you know a lot about Toy Breeds?  Do you breed dogs?  Who do you refer to for emergency care?  What specialists do you refer to?  What are your thoughts on immunization?  What types of animals make up the majority of your practice?  Will you work with my breeder?  Will you discuss research I have done with me?  Will you research on my behalf?  Can I call you, will you call me back?  How do I contact you after hours?  Can I e-mail you?

Don't forget to ask questions about cost too.   Most vet clinics have a price list, call and ask them to e-mail it to you for comparisons.  Common cost questions, puppy check up price, worming, shots, spay neuter, emergency call, emergency visit, overnight stay, blood tests, heart guard treatment, flea tick removal/bathes/treatment, general office visits. 

You might find you will use two vets, I use three,  I have a fantastic reproductive vet who does all my mother and puppy care as well as my health testing, I have a vet who is great for shots - well priced and I have a vet clinic that operatives after hours nights and weekends - cheaper than emergency clinic visit and a little more expensive than a daytime only vet clinic.


Vet referrals are the best - talk to people, talk to your breeder.  For my owners I will contact local Havanese club members and get a list of referrals in their area.  For my area I have several good referrals from my owners for vets throughout the Lower Mainland in BC






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