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Monthly Blog - December, 2010


December 21, 2010

So this is why I'm behind on pictures?

An extremely stressful and busy month.  Both Doug and my parents took ill this month.  Doug's mom cancer, and my parents advanced dementia which requires a different level of care now for them.   My parents had been living about 10 minutes from me in a very very upscale nice retirement community.  Over the past two years we have escalated their care, both personal and cleaning but we knew we were fighting a losing battle as they continued to get worse.  Finally we were asked to move them and so the search and battle with Fraser Health began.  Very difficult to find a place for them where they could stay together.  We had them here with us for only a few days and I thought we would all go insane, Finally we finally found a place close to my sister, where the population demands are not as large as in the Fraser Valley.  We are all adjusting to the change and hopefully things will be smoother in 2011.

Now the good news.  We finished two champions also in Nov/Dec.  Both Cuba and Izzy finished both US and Canadian championships.  Nothing to show now for a few months :-(

Mykensie brought home the best report card I think I have seen.  All A+ and A's so we are very very proud of her.

We had three litters this month - that was just insane, although they were all easy births and the moms have been great.  Still it is so much work and I was in Germany for 1/2 of Nov and 1/2 of December. 

I change jobs in January so the whole family is looking forward to having me home as my new job as NO travel requirements.  Looking forward to more time at home in 2011.

Happy Holidays to everyone from our whole family, four legged and two legged









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