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Julie and Peter Litter - Born Aug 18th, 2012

Onyx Week 11

Onyx has serious good looks.  He has nice dark colouring on body but light enough around face to show great expression.  He is a gorgeous boy   Nice personality, also one of the cats favourite playmates.   Good for any type of home.  His eyes are not green that is just the flash reflection

Onyx Week Seven

Onyx is the darkest of the three boys and now just a tiny bit bigger than his brothers, the others are catching up fast.  He is lovely and has the typical havanese boy personality.  Loves his people and his belly rubs

Onyx - Week Four:

The darkest of the three boys, and at the moment the biggest, although that changes all the time.  Nice coat, beautiful head. All three boys are quite stunning.

Onyx - Week Three:

Onys is still a very dark brindle, particularly on his body.  He has more gold and silver on his head.  Very pretty, he is going to be stunning as an adult

Onyx - Week One:

Onyx is a very dark brindle boy with some golden red on his hair and through his coat.






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