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Julie and Peter Litter - Born Aug 18th, 2012

Lapis Week 11

Fun loving affectionate and sweet.  This boy would be a good fit for any type of home.  He is great with children, fairly come but also likes to play.  Lapis is very sweet and has lots of red and gold throughout his coat, very attractive puppy with a big heart



Lapis Week Seven

What a fun loving little guy, he loves to run around and play, but he particularly likes to try to trip his owners.  Very affectionate he follows you around everywhere.

Lapis Week Four:

They are growing up and playing more and more.  Not quite ready for real food yet but getting close. 

Lapis Week Three:

Lovely gold sable with red and gold throughout their coat.  He is th

e lightest in colour of the three boys.  Eyes open and they are starting to hear now

Lapis - Week One:

Lapis is a gold sable boy, tan, gold and black throughout coat







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