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Ella - Gem's litter

Ella:  Almost ready for the show ring now, we love Ella's look. 

Emma - 8 weeks

Emma is doing great - She still has huge energy but has settled down a bit and is not quite so vocal in her demands.  She is a cutie pie - very affectionate and willing to try anything.  As energic and fearless as she is - she also likes to kiss and cuddle.  Still holding Emma for show.

Emma 6 weeks

OK I'm just a bit Alpha LOL.  Emma has no trouble asking for what she wants, and I've already spoiled her a bit.  She is a lovely puppy though she will just need a alpha human parent and consistent training or she will run the house.  Emma would not be a good choice for young children they will have a hard time as she will be their boss.  She would be a perfect fit for a family that has had dogs and has trained puppies, she is loving affectionate and full of energy.  I'm holding Emma back for show potential for myself for another 3 weeks.

Emma 4 weeks

Probably the alpha of the Gem litter - but with only three that does not mean a lot, so I mixed her for a visit with Carmen's litter and she was very laid back and reserved.  So we shall see more interaction next week when they are 5 weeks old and really ready to play.  Emma is just a beautiful little girl.  She is the piggie of the litter - always the first to eat.  Emma was the only one taking food from a plate from Gem's litter as mom feeds them so well.  She is active, curious, alter and smart.  Not quite as good at the potty as Daphne who hardly ever misses but doing pretty well.  She's a great playmate and very vocal - all sorts of noises come out of Emma she gets really excited to see you and squeaks.  I think she is just precious.


Emma 3 weeks

So Emma was not the first in the litter to walk it was Daphne.  Emma is still the most vocal and is now the biggest in the litter.  She is the bossy one - first on mom.  She is getting more and more gorgeous all the time.  A beautiful girl



Emma 1 week assessement

I wish I could have gotten a better picture of Emma she is so pretty.  The dark sable colours are amazing.  She is my mover - she is constantly in motion - I bet she will be the first one on her legs, and the hardest to take pictures of.  She is vocal too, when mom is not paying enough attention she let's us all know.  It will be interesting to see if she becomes the alpha once the personalities start to develop in a few weeks.  She is a beauty.











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