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Foust - Audrey & Cuba Aug 7, 2012

Foust 10 weeks old.

Foust is available for a show or pet home.  He has gorgeous coat, great bite and confirmation and an excellent well rounded temperament.  Foust would fit into any family, he is a little clown, very social but very very loving.  He is a sweetheart as well as a very good looking puppy


He is ready to attack his favorite playmate the Cat

And there they go.  They will play chase and wrestle for an hour.  Foust generally loses but does not seem to care.  Luna the cat thinks he is the best playmate ever


Foust 8 weeks old

Foust is a stunning puppy, great character and personality.  Very social, confident.  He is middle to top of the pack, loves to play, great for families with kids, or families that like to do active things with their dog.  He would be good for confirmation, obedience or agility.  He's a smart little boy


Foust 6 weeks Old

Lovely boy, lovely markings, lovely head and confirmation.  Just plain lovely :-)

Foust 5 Weeks Old

Foust is a lovely parti black and white boy.  He is a gorgeous puppy, lovely coat and confirmation.  Very very handsome young man.  He is laid back and loves to cuddle and be picked up. 



Baby Picture




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