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Amber and Stogie - World Cup Litter

Amber had her babies on June 18th.  A few days earlier than we though, we expected her to deliver on the 21st.  I was in Germany unfortunately so Doug had to do this again by himself.  Funny the whelping was almost exactly like Ella's Friday afternoon labour started.  Amber started about 1:30 going into labour but she took forever for the first puppy.  I called Doug at 11:00 pm, midnight, and then around 3:30 am she had the first puppy.  The other five apparently just popped right out.  Everyone is doing find, and all seems to be well.  Can't wait to see them next week.

Born during my trip to Germany and during World Cup Soccer.  Do you recognize the names?

Amber - Canadian Champion Stogie - US Champion
Becham - Black and White Pied Boy Jared - Black and White Parti Boy
Franz - Black and White Parti Boy Pablo - Black and White Pied Boy
Pele - Black and White Parti Girl Maradona (Mara) Black and White pied Girl












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