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Artimis and Carmen Puppies

They arrived - 8 weeks old



Carmen's Beautiful Babies

Angelina - (8 week shots) click here for Angel's photo Album

Kensie - (8 weeks shots) click here for Kensie's photo Album

Bo - (8 week shots) click here for Bo's photo Album

Domino - (8 week shots) click here for Domino's photo Album

Mia - (8 weeks shots) click here for Mia's photo Album

Phoebe - (8 week shots) click here for Phoebe's photo Album





The Birth Story

What a delivery - 11 hours from when her water broke to the last puppy.  It was a long long long delivery - I have to admit she had me very worried with 4 hours between 1st and 2nd puppy.  Was packing her up to go to the vet when puppy number 2 started to come.  I was on the phone to the vet and on MSN and phone with my very good mentors and thanks to all of them we got through this.

There is a story behind each puppy as this delivery was tough - but I need more sleep before I write it up.  For now here is the beautiful bunch.  They are lovely lovely puppies

Day 0 - we are all in here - 6 of us but Mom doesn't know that yet, she thinks there are just 5

I'm panting and getting ready - BUT I'm not going to make this easy and I'm not going to have this puppies in this box - I much prefer your bedroom.  Sooooo I can make this hard or really really hard.  We caved she delivered the puppies in my room on my comforter.  Guess I'll be shopping today for a new one.

Day 1

Here we are - aren't we cute!!  Mykense and Mom are working on names.

B&W boy - Domino

Cream Boy - Bo

Cream Girl - Mia

B&W girl - Phoebe

Black girl - Kensie

Cream Girl - Angelina





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