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Wendy and Beatle
Born Sept 13, 2014

Available to New Homes November 15th

Wendy (Mylad`s Gold Dust and Fairytails)
Canadian Grand Champion and US Champion, Group Placement Winner

Beatle (Mylad`s Here Comes the Sun)
Canadian and US Champion, Placement at Eukunuba, Best Puppy and BOW at New York Progressive

Wendy first litter and she was just a trooper.  She started labour and bless her she had a daytime delivery.  All six puppies were done in 2 1/2 hours.  Gotta love that!   The only mistake she did was I told her I wanted 3 girls and 3 boys, she kind of messed up with her 6 boys, but they are all gorgeous tri colour's.  Very very pretty litter.


Curley - Sable Boy Tiny white on chin, white strip on chest, tan glasses

Larry - Sable Boy, sable no white on chin

Mo - Black Tri Boy - eye browns white chest, white chin and chest Chaplain - Tri Boy eyebrows, lots of tan on legs and tan cheeks
Waldo tri Boy white front feet, eye brows smaller Abbott - Sable Boy reddish lighter
















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