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Monthly Blog - November 21, 2009


November 21, 2009

For once we have no shows this weekend, which is just great.  We have puppy owner visits and temperament testing happening all weekend, so it is a busy dog weekend anyway.

The big news this week is Winnie's puppies.  She had them Monday.  Her temperature did not drop so I went to work.  Still getting over H1 N1 I came home early as I was worn out.  My plan was to hit my bed when I stepped in the door at about 3:30 pm, but as I opened the door Doug said Winnie is in labour.  Quickly assembled everything and 20 minutes later she had her puppies.

This is truly the only time I really don't know what colour two of the puppies are.  They looked black with white markings when born, but now they look dark dark dark brown.  They are not chocolates as their noses are black, so they will be dark brown sables, brindles or Havana brown puppies.  2 girls one boy.  The adorable boy is definitely black with a tiny white chin marking and chest.   It was a quick delivery we were done in about 1 1/2 hours.  Winnie is doing just great and the puppies are getting fat and cute.



David Stout my handler - looks happy :-)

Kensie also did very well in her first Canadian Show, she won winners female at the Toy Specialty for a 5 point major.  Already a US champion at 7 months she is now 1/2 way done her Canadian.  Following in her grandfathers footsteps

A year of work paid off, we had a great time, but also very very busy.  I think between work, travel and the specialty I got a little run down and 5 days after the specialty H1 N1 got me.  Still recovering but much better.  Doug has been fantastic and has been taking care of me, Mykensie, the dogs, puppies, and yes my owners too.  A few more days and I will be back to normal, sorry for website neglect.  I've definitely filled my sick quota for the year.

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