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Bi- Monthly Blog - October 20, 2009


October, 20 2009

Well October has been kind of crazy too.  I'm back in Germany but I got Doug to take pictures of all the puppies and he is e-mailing me so pic updates will be completed by tomorrow.  Ella's pups are gorgeous and fat.  There eyes just opened and they are so cute.  There are two puppies available from Ella.  Cheena's pups eyes are not open yet, but should be by the weekend.  They are all doing very well and look just lovely.

Taylor's puppies are just about ready for picking.  There are three show puppies in this litter, and there are two pups available, one girl and one boy.  Taylor puppies are always beautiful and this litter had a bunch of mini-me Taylors.  Nice coats, lovely temperaments. 

The specialty is coming up and I have been extremely busy, but all the major work is done now.  We have great numbers, we actually beat Ontario numbers in BC I do believe so we are pretty happy with the turn-out.  Even if you don't show you should come and visit me and see all the beautiful hav's from Canada and the US. 

Nothing much happening in the show ring these past few weeks, no-one has been entered in anything.  Oct 23, 24th Tessa will get shown, and then the following week the big specialty. 

Oh and Happy Birthday to my brother Jeff!!!











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