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Monthly Blog - March 2010

March 18, 2010

Happy Saint Patrick's Day everyone.  Hope you had a great green day.

So the month was quiet compared to Jan and Feb. no major crisis to report.  No puppies, and boy do I miss puppies.  Really looking forward to Holly and Poppy's litters.  I love new puppies so much, the excitement of seeing what is born and the love and interaction you get from puppies - there is nothing quite like it (with the exception of children of course).

It's been so quiet for shows, nothing until Easter weekend in April.  Izzy is off with David in the US to complete her US championship while I work with Cleo on her Canadian.  Just does not make sense to show two girls the same age at the same time, and since I generally put both US and CA on my dogs this was a good arrangement.  Izzy starts showing in the US in about 3 weeks, and Cleo, already a winner in the ring, will show first week in April.

The April show is going to be fun, 3 of my show homes will be bringing their puppies, and there will be one or two other Coby related puppies there too.  Competition will be high but there will be some very nice havanese to look at.

I'm enjoying my work with the Havanese Fanciers of Canada, which is the National Club for Havanese in Canada, and was asked to be the Committee Chair for Health .  This is quite an honour and I published my first article on Havanese BAER and Hearing in the Fanciers newsletter for spring.  I will post it on my website after the newsletter goes out.  The newsletter is a great way to keep updated on everything Havanese and I do recommend subscribing to it.  It is available for subscription to everyone, not just members and you can subscribe right from the website  http://www.havanesefanciers.com/?q=newsletter.

I have also joined the Lower Mainland Dog Fanciers, a very respected club in BC which does a lot of work with CKC, dog health and care and is a very proactive club with a great membership.  I'm looking forward to lending my services where I can be most useful to them as well.

The Regional Specialty at Tradex is coming together, we are still waiting for CKC approval, but we are getting everything organized.  Should be a great specialty with lots of gorgeous Havanese, breeders, handlers and owners.

Well that is it for now, enjoy this good weather!!!!





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