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Bi Monthly Blog - December

Dec 24, 2009

Well it has been an exciting year on all fronts.  The dogs have been great, we added a couple and I will definitely update their bio's.  They are feeling very slighted that they don't have a page yet.  Let's see Kensie was born this year, Amber we purchased mainly because I have known and loved Ambers mom in Florida for a few years.  Ella was my first show bred-by this year.  Recently we added two puppies to our home Cleo and Isabella.  We are having lots and lots of fun.  We also finished quite a few champions this year, ours and our friends.  All in all we finished 5 champions this year - not bad.

Now I have two new puppies to get ready for the ring, and it's been pretty hard to get them trained as it NEVER STOPS raining here.  Much harder to get puppies trained in the horrible horrible weather we have been having.

On the home front, Mykensie changed schools.  She was having real problems with another girl at school, who just seemed to continually try to undermine her and her confidence at every step.  We didn't really notice how bad the issue was getting until she started crying every morning, getting sick, and not wanting to go to school.  We debated and debated and finally made the decision to pull her out of the excellent school she had attended since kindergarten and put her in a fairly huge public high school.  She has just done amazing, she wakes up happy, she has made some friends already, joined a school club and her marks are all A's.    She finds the work a little easy, but next year she will move to the advanced classes.  They were full this year as she started mid term.  I'm very proud of the way she has adjusted and so glad we made this change.

We also found a fantastic dog sitter this year and she has made a huge difference in ours and the dogs lives.  The dogs adore her.  Sometimes she comes to help me wash and groom and sometimes she just comes and plays fetch and goes for doggie walks.  Her help has been huge and Doug and I have actually gone away for a weekend, and even go out for dinner from time to time.  It's been really nice having her here.

Work continues to be both rewarding and frustrating.  We were bought out by a large company last year, and most of the growing pains are over.  We are pretty much integrated now.  I still travel a fair amount to Europe with work, but not at all now for 2 months so that has been easier on everyone.

No puppies for awhile, no one will be in season until at least January so we won't have puppies for months.  I will miss that, I love whelping and raising the puppies, it's going to be a bit quiet for us until the girls start coming into season in 2010.  Of course they will probably all come in at once and then I will be going just crazy again, but that's kind of fun too.  We met some wonderful owners throughout the year.  People always ask me isn't it hard to give up the puppies, and yes it is very very hard.  Sometime I feel quite sad for a week when a litter has all gone home.  But we pick the very best owners and seeing how they treat their new little puppies, and how much they love them makes it OK.  We also get the best updates, pictures and funny stories.  It warms my heart when I get an e-mail from one of my owners telling me how their puppy is doing --- keep them coming OK.

All the best everyone















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