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Monthly Blog - Sept 2010

Sept 11, 2010

Well it's been awhile, sorry about that.  June, July, Aug.  Hmmm  well lots happened.

We finished quite a few puppies this summer. 

Sunny, a Cedrik Holly boy finished his Championship

Izzy and Rosie - Coby girls and litter mates did extremely well finishing championships, getting best puppy wins and just stutting their stuff in the ring

Cleo finished her championship before I could blink

Bogie - Taylor and Moose finished his US very quickly

Aimee - Talyor and Moose finsihed very quickly and has had group and breed wins now.  She only just started a few months ago and is already # 10 in Canada

Calvin finished his champion so quickly and his sister Nina is almost done.  These were Coby Flirt kids

There were others too I'm sure but that's all I can remember right how :-)

Nationals were a blast, and boy did we do well.  Class wins and placements on every single dog we entered.  Cuba my Coby grand-son did very well, winning his class in sweepstakes and taking a placement every day.  Another Coby grandson won winners dog at the Nationals and a Coby grand-daughter actually took Best Opp.  Calvin did very very well and took reserve at the Regional and won his class in sweeps.  We came home with heaps of ribbons and prizes and really had a very enjoyable time.

Mykensie and I took off on a cruise in August.  With me having so much travel this year to Germany I really felt we had not spent much time together, so off we went and had a fabulous time.  We went to Grand Cayman, Mexico, Hondorus and Bleize.  Great trip, would do it again.

So now we are back, and things are a bit more normal.  Talk to you soon, promise I won't leave it so long next time.

Remember Tradex and Havanese Canadian Regionals in Oct.





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