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Bi Monthly Blog - September

Sept, 2009

What a crazy month it has been.  We had the two litters and then my work got busy and I had to go to Germany for two weeks.  Of course this was right when Ella and Cheena were due to deliver, and I left Doug with puppy pick-ups and 12 puppies.  For those of you who don't know my husband Doug he is a SAINT and he took it all in stride.  We have a great dog sitter/helper who is applying to Veterinary Collage, and she came everyday and helped Doug with the puppies and the grooming and making sure they all got plenty of love and play-time she is great with the dogs.  I was VERY nervous about not being home for the whelping.  I have never missed a whelping yet and Doug has never done one on his own.   The girls waited though I got home around 6:00pm and had a very good sleep with minimal jet leg and Ella delivered at 9:00 am the next morning - what a good girl.  Cheena is still waiting, she is as big as a house and very uncomfortable poor thing, but not ready to go yet.

The Carmen/Coby litter was just gorgeous, we kept two puppies out for show all six had perfect bites, great heads, nice coats nice nice litter.  Taylor litter is also looking very promising and I've pulled out 4 puppies for show - we have to wait now for bites and will evaluate at 8 weeks, but right now they are looking very good.

What else is new here - Mykensie is off to camp with her school so it's just Doug, I and the four legged kids.  It's good because I have a zillion e-mails, grooming (no-one does it like mom) and pictures updates and and and ....  So as much as I miss by wonderful daughter I can concentrate on catching up this week.

Kensie finished her US championship while I was in Germany.  She did so well winning in Chicago at the Havanese Specialty and then going breed over specials for a big 4 point major and then finishing with 2 other majors.  I miss her and can't wait to see her.  She will be coming home in a couple of weeks and will begin her Canadian debut this month.

Tessa is doing really well showing in Washington.   I'm showing another breeders girl to get her Canadian championship and we start showing next week at the Fraser Valley Cloverdale show.  Also one of my breedings from Holly will make his debut in the ring too so I'm quite excited to see how he does.  Coby grand-daughter in Washington also finished her championship just as fast as Kensie and also took breed over specials at two shows.  Those Coby kids and grand-kids sure do well in the ring.

This month looks super busy too, I have the 4 days show next weekend, then off to Germany for another week, then the Canadian Specialty, then Winnie will be due in Nov.

Well that is it for this week, my camera is being very bad, the battery keeps dying, guess I will have to buy a new one - battery not camera arrggg but I'm trying to get pictures done, be a little patient but I will have them updated by end of day Tues. just bit by bit as I keep re-charging between shots.

That's it for now,











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