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Monthly Blog - October 2010

Oct 3, 2010

Not too busy a month, no shows in Sept for me with the two litters being born.  Taylor had her litter mid Sept and it was completely problem free.  She had 6 lovely puppies and all are doing well.  Taylor is such an outstanding mom, these puppies are fat as fat can be.  With six you don't expect them to gain quite so fast, but I swear she is making cream.  She is so completely attentive, I'm sure I will have trouble wheaning them again.  She feeds them so well and looks after them constantly the puppies never have any desire to eat puppy food, they are always wheaned later then my other litters, but in the end they catch on.

Tessa had her first litter and poor girl had 7.  Like her mom Cheena she seems to have the big litters.  The puppies are doing just fine, and she has proven to have the mothering instinct that Cheena always seemed to have.  They are gaining and have just gorgeous coats and colours.

The Havanese Regional Specialty is coming up at the end of the month and that is keeping me fairly busy after work and weekends.  Don't forget to get your entries in by Wednesday.  It should be a great event and we have a Meet and Greet, Dinner, booster and 2 supported entries planned as well.  Look forward to seeing you all there.

Short blog this month, but really there is not much to report   Enjoy our Indian Summer in BC and hope to see lots of you at the Regionals at Tradex.


Bye for now





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