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Monthly Blog - June 2010

June 8, 2010

Well May was a great month, I was home for I think the entire month.  It was pretty quiet not too many shows, and not too many Havanese moms pregnant or in heat.  Basically a nice easy month.

Ella had her babies, she had a pretty easy birth, delivered 5, I thought she was done and then she surprised me with another puppy when I was not looking.  She and the babies are doing really well.  They have doubled their weight and they are getting puppish looking.   One eye open today on one of the puppies and Cooper's eyes are both slitting so by tomorow or Thurs both his will be open.  I'll take new pictures Thurs.

Show News was fantastic for us in May.  We entered two events, Tyee and Vancouver Island but we finished both our girls Cleo and Pat and Stan's Rosie in the Tyee Show.  Cleo finished the first day, and then Rosie won the next two days.  Really exciting Rosie also won Group for Puppy, so that was a lovely way for her to finish her championship.

Another boy I bred also finished his Championship in May so no complaints at all on the show front.  Now I have nothing to show, I'm waiting for my two little boys to get old enough.

So June is going to be busy again.  We have a wedding next weekend, and then I fly off to Germany for work again right after.  Just gone two weeks, but then probably back again in July.  Not looking forward to leaving the family again, and it appears that I'm leaving Doug with his second litter to whelp, as it is unlikely Amber will wait for my return.

Will keep you posted while I'm away and I'll bug Doug to send me picture updates so I can update the Web

Have a great June, hope the BC weather improves






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