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Monthly Blog - April 2010

April 8, 2010

Happy Easter Everyone!!

Well March and April were busy and happy times at the Mylad House.  First Huge thank you to my husband who delivered two litters without me for the first time.  I had to travel to Germany on business and Doug delivered both Poppy and Holly's litters on his own.  He had help some help from Muriha, our fantastic dog helper, but mostly he and Mykensie were on their own. 

For the most part the deliveries were easy, no stuck puppies Yeah!!.  Poppy was packed with puppies though for her size.  She had six puppies over 4 hours of labour.  The last puppy was very high up in the uterus and unfortunately it had detached from her placenta, lost her sack and was in the uterus for hours.  When she came out she was very very blue and gasping quite hard.  Doug managed to revive her somewhat but unfortunately even with oxygen and antibiotic treatment we lost her after a week to phenomena.  Very sad couple of days for us as we worked so hard to bring her around.  The happy news though is out of the two litters that was the only problem and everyone else is incredibly healthy and thriving.

Ella also came into season and I bred her to my US Co-Owned boy Cedrik.  She should give us some lovely sable and red puppies.  Ella's puppies will be born in June and ready for new homes in the summer. 

I have so many applications at the moment for summer puppies, so I'm really hoping Kensie and Tessa  come into season soon.  Kensie looks like she is seriously thinking about it, so I expect she will within the next few weeks.

Show News, well we had a great week.  Two Coby daughters won Winners female 3 out of 4 days at the Easter show.  We also took best puppy, best of opp and reserve throughout the weekend.  One of my boys also did very very well and won winners dog one day and best puppy and best opp another day.   Izzy started in the US last weekend for her first shows and took reserve both days, so everyone is off to a great start.

There are no Canadian shows no for awhile, which is too bad, I don't think I will be showing the girls again until the summer in Vernon.

Unfortunately I'm off to Germany again on Sun but will be back home in time for puppy testing and the puppy selection process. 

Well that's it right now for March and April, More news coming soon







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