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Cutting Down Your Havanese

The Puppy Haircut

One day  a few Havanese breeders stood around talking Havanese of course. The subject of pet owners and grooming came to pass.  It seems that most breeders have heard all the woes of the horrible Havanese cuts their owners have gotten.  Thus the idea of designing a Havanese trim that would take into account all the up for this task of designing this cut.  

The breeders decided that the areas of the most concern for the havanese were
1) a clean rear 2) Keeping the ears and tail long  and natural 3) Leaving enough coat to for the dog to look well-groomed but not shaved down 4) Cleaner feet to keep from bringing in a pound of dirt every time they were let out the door 5) Allowing the dogs beautiful eyes to show while still looking natural.

These were the tasks  set out to accomplish.  ...Please click on the Printable Directions Link for directions on how to do this wonderful cut.  The Picture Tabs below will also show you many close-ups and variations on this trim. Enjoy and please email us with your feedback of this new Havanese Trim.

Click on the graphics below for pictures and instructions. 


Short Version        Long Version      Instructions for Trims




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