Winnie's Havanese Puppies - 4 weeks old


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Havanese Puppies from Tessa and Cedrik

Puppies were born Sept 26th.  She started around 9:30 am and finished at 5:00.  The longest delivery every.  All was fine she just took her time.  At one point I called my vet and she said it's OK just wait and sure enough as I was on the phone out popped another one.  All puppies are reserved. 




The Tessa Cedrik Litter

Cedrik:  Stash is a lovely little sable boy.  He has great personality and is a breed and group winning champion.  Cedirk has thrown some amazing puppies and always throws gorgeous colours and temperaments  Cedrik is fully health tested,


Tessa,   US Champion Tessa is also a breed winner,  I love her first litter.  The puppies are lovely, sables, chocolate and one black and tan.  Tessa is like her mom, as friendly as ever a havanese was. 

Their Puppies
Max 2 weeks old Theo - 2 weeks
Samson 2 weeks Rudy 2 weeks


Chrissy 2 weeks Maddie 2 weeks








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