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Havanese are not inexpensive.  Expect to pay on average between $1,500 to $2,500 for a Havanese from a quality breeder.

Mylad Havanese puppies are priced between $1,600 and $1,800 for companion puppies.   Occasionally payment plans are available to the right home.

Prices include GST and PST where applicable, micro chipping, CKC litter registration,  current shots to correct age, deworming, OFA hearing, heart check, prelim Patella, blood testing for bile acids (liver), and one of the best health guarantees you can find on puppies.

One of my most common questions;

Why do prices vary on Havanese?

Occasionally you can find Havanese for $1,200 or less in the newspaper.  There are a variety of factors for the lower price - just be careful and do your research and know what you are getting.  All reasons for reduced prices are not bad - just do your homework.

Some possible pitfalls and reasons for reduced prices;

  • Geographical location may be a factor - lots of breeders in the area, or a small population in the area may contribute to the breeder price.  (this is the best possible reason for a reduced price, and may not result in a bad purchase at all)
  • May be a hobby or a backyard breeder, not a show breeder - so no costs for showing or bringing dogs to Championship are incurred.  Check the health testing and that the Havanese actually look like Havanese if you choose a non show breeder.  These breeders breed primarily for pets and profit.  Show breeding keeps you up to date on the breed standard, the latest health testing, CKC and AKC requirements, and makes you strive to produce proper structure and TEMPERMENT. 
  • May be an accidental breeding.  Sometimes you find cases of Havanese owners breaking contracts with CKC and and trying to sell their puppies through the newspapers - puppies may not be eligible for registration.  One horror story recently was a woman who advertised Havanese, but had a non-breeding agreement with the breeder of her female due to health reasons.  The female never should have been bred as it had failures in her health testing. 
  • May not be a purebred or have registered parents, or health testing done on parents.
  • And the Worst possible reason - puppy mill or puppy broker.  A broker would be when the seller does not personally own the pups and takes other Havanese puppies and sells them for a percentage.  In the case of a puppy mill - Puppies are bred solely and only for profit and generally there is little regard for the parents or the puppies.  Both of these horrible situations are generally easy to spot.  Check the paperwork and owners of the dogs - does the breeder own them, and of course visit the premises or get references from people who have.

If you are buying a puppy out of the newspaper just be very careful that you are getting a healthy puppy with the right breeding pedigree and the proper health testing and TEMPERMENT.  Buyer beware on newspaper advertised puppies. 

If Havanese are too pricey for your budget - don't lower your standards on a well bred quality, healthy puppy - don't support puppy mills and back-yard breeding, go for another breed, or try Havanese rescue.  You can also often find an older Havanese from a good breeder, that can either be fostered to you, or adopted.  Talk to your breeder about your options.  Good breeders are extremely concerned about their puppies and a good home is always their first concern.





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