Poppy's Havanese Puppies - 2 1/2 week photos up


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Havanese Puppies from Holly and Arti . 

Click on this link to see their outdoor play



The puppies were born Feb 26th.  Poppy started at around 9 and finished at 11:15.  Not too bad for 7 puppies.  She made much more fuss when she started labour then when she actually delivered them.  She cried, whined, paced.  She was very very determined that she was going to have her puppies on my bed and I was very very determined that she was not.  We compromised she's in my room :-).   There are 3 puppies available from Poppy's litter

6 boys and 1 girl - individual pictures will be up at 1 week old.  All the black and white puppies have the much desired face mask.  Very nice litter

At Two weeks eyes are open, some are trying their legs a bit, pigment is coming in.  Everyone doing great and well doubled over their birthweights.  They are getting quite chubby.  What a difference week to week at this age

Girl - Tori 6 week photo Boy - Clifford 6 week photo
Boy Max 6 week photo Boy - Louis 3 1/2 week photo
Boy - Jefferson 8 week Photo Boy - Charlie 6 week photos
Boy - Winston 6 week photo Just born








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