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Poppy and Arti

Gorgeous Litter of Cream and Black and White

Very cute puppies. 4 girls and 1 boy.   They are 5 weeks old now and have changed so much.  The coats are coming in very nicely and they have great little personalities.  They are also wheaning now, and doing very well.

Alanna:  White Girl - 8 weeks -  AVAILABLE  Click on me for more photos Tricia:  White, Black ear and markings - 8 weeks.  Click on me for more photos
Andy:  Parti Black and white boy
8 weeks old Click on me to see more pics  AVAILABLE
Christina:  Eye Patch black and white parti girl 8 weeks click on me to see more pics
Kirsten:  Two black eye patch parti girl 8 weeks.  click on me for more pics  AVAILABLE  














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