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Picking Up Your Puppy:

OK the time is finally here to pick up your new family member.  Here is a list of what to bring to my house when you come to pick up your new Havanese Puppy.  Short and long trips have different requirements, as do car and air travel.

Short Trip - Car ride under 3 hours

  • Crate or car restraint.  Crate is the easiest for a puppy - the small puppy crates can actually be seat belted in with the shoulder strap.  If your crate can't be seat belted in, make sure it is secure - on the floor or wedged into the seat.  It does take much to shift the crate.
  • Crate pad or towel - anything soft to line your crate with.
  • Collar, lead or harness:  Your puppy is small anywhere between 2.5 and 4 lbs - Most collars will not fit this age if you can find something smaller than 8" or 20 cm it should fit.  Cat collars work but make sure it has a secure fasterner.  The adjustable collars are the best.  Lead - get a lead that will work long term min 12" thin - light
  • Wee Pads if longer than 2 hours - you will want to make a stop and let puppy pee - the fastest way is going to be a wee pad - your puppy is trained to go on these
  • Bring a container to take home some of my water.  Different water can cause gastric distress - you will want to mix my water with yours for 3 or 4 days. (not for US airline travel)
  • A baggie with wet face cloths and paper towels.  A bag for laundry or garbage - puppies sometime get car sick - Puppy wet ones work great too.  A Towel
  • A toy if you wish

Long Trip - Car ride 3+ hours

  • Same as above - A food and water bowl.  I will provide you with food and water to take with you

Longer Trip - Hotel Stay

  • As above - bring more wee pads - 5 or 6 for each day gone


  • As above
  • An airline approved bag - go as big as you can.  I use the large dog Sherpa bag. 
  • Wee pads - you will use in the airport - airplane etc. so bring 7 or 8 in your Sherpa bag
  • Make sure you have food and water - but you will not be able to take my water on the plane.  Bottled water purchased after security is fine until your puppy gets adjusted to your tap water.  You will also not be able to take Canadian dog food across the border unless it is manufactured in the US.  So if you are flying from US or internationally bring an unopened bag of dog food with you - must be made in the US.  We will discuss prior to pick up so I can start your puppy on your food choice 1 week before.  We don't want the puppy to potty in the plane if at all possible so no food or water 2 hours before flight.  If you are flying for 4+ hours you will want to make a visit to the restroom with your puppy in the Sherpa bag.  Just pick up your bag and head to the restroom.  Put your wee pad on the floor - your puppy will potty very quickly on the wee pad.  Some airline staff may give you a hard time - be assertive - tell them you have a 9 week puppy that will have to either potty or they will have complaints from the entire cabin - that generally works.  I've never had an airline tell me no.  Just don't take your puppy out of the Sherpa other than in the restroom.  I would not feed your puppy unless you are on an international flight but anything under 6-7 hours - feed them when you are off the plane.  Water I would give when you potty the puppy.




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