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Kensie and Peter

Born Feb 20, 2012

Sophie 7.5 weeks:  A gorgeous puppy, just released from the show pics.  She is still show but I'm leaning towards Phoebe and Tink and only need two from this litter.  She is now available.  Sophie has a red/mahogany head, black body with gold/tan legs and some mahogany is now showing through body coat - very unique markings.  Sophie is high in social, she loves people and to play.  She is mid pack.  She might be too social for really small children
Sophie 3 weeks is a very pretty little girl.  She is black but has red and gold throughout her head and legs.  She will be unique in colour as an adult and I'm not really sure what she will turn out to look like.  Sophie is currently being held for show


















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