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What Should I Feed My Havanese

This is a question I get asked a lot.  Your puppy will come with about 5-7 days of food so you can start changing him over to your food of choice slowly right away.  We use Purina Pro Select Puppy and Natural Balance Lamb Roll.

Any high quality puppy food is fine for your puppy, but if you use Eukunuba switch them to adult at 4 months, as they really don't need the high protein that Euk has after 4 months.

Raw, organic, home made are all individual choices, I have my opinions but there are as many opinions as dog owners on these foods.  If you go Home Made make very sure you do your research, high quality food companies know the right mix of nutrients they do lots of research and development to provide a healthy balanced meal, make sure you do the same if you are considering making your own.

Allergies:  Corn is the most common dog food allergy, but Chicken and Beef and Wheat also appear sometimes.  I would try to stay away from Corn or foods with heavy fillers.  There are lots of good natural options - generally from small more upscale petstores.  Wellness, Nuvo etc.  If your dog is scratching or getting ear infections or excessive tearing (all signs of a food allergy), consider a corn and wheat free food alternative.  Remember any food changes need to be done gradually over 7 days.

I will add some food label instructions and comparisons on this page shortly


Tip:  When changing food add 1 tablespoon of pumpkin (canned or fresh mashed - no additives) to the food bowl.  1/2 a tablespoon for Havanese puppies.  This works really well!!!!






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