Havanese Puppies Available from Havanese Breeder Serving Washington and Oregon, USA and Vancouver, and Langley, BC





Owner Information for Pick Up of Litters


Read Bringing Puppy Home on the website for instructions on what to BUY for your puppy, but here is the summary of what to bring to pick up.

Puppies are being fed Purina Pro puppy food and grated natural balance roll.  Purina Pro is available through a number of pet stores.  Must be PRO  not just Purina.

If by car bring;

collar, lead, or harness
wee pads
container for water - I will give you some of my water, you will mix it with yours over 7 days
anything you want me to check ie brushes combs, clippers etc
1 dry towel
1 wet towel or couple of wet wash cloths in a baggie
paper towels
if over 5 hours by car bring food & water bowl
correct carrier for car or plane. 

If by plane please contact me prior to leaving for pick-up




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