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Manny and Gem Puppies


Gem did a great job delivering 3 beautiful puppies in the early morning April 26th.  Two Girls and Boy.  

Gem's Beautiful Children:

Willie - (8 week pictures) Click on the link to see Willie's photo Album

Daphne - (8 week pictures) click on the link to see Daphne's photo Album

Emma - (8 week pictures)- click on the link to see Emma's photo Album

Gem's Birth Story

Day One - They are in here but I'm going to make you wait a long time Mom.

So it began, Gem and Carmen could not be more different.  Carmen has a short Phase I labour when she starts to pant and dig and circle she goes into Phase II Labour pretty quickly.  Carmen just makes you wait forever for puppies.

I'm glad this was not my first litter with Gem so I knew that she takes forever to go into Phase II.  She started whining and digging like crazy at noon and if you didn't know her you would think she was going to give you a puppy in ten minutes.  But unlike Carmen who says nothing Gem is my drama queen.  Gem made us wait until around 11:00 pm for her to get down to business and then she delivered her puppies all within 45 minutes of each other.  Totally different labour experiences.

Left to Right

Black and White Parti Boy - Willie

Dark Gold Parti Sable Girl - Emma

Dark Gold Parti Sable Girl - Daphne


Previous Carmen Breedings - Same Sire









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