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Foot Pads and Nail Clipping

Yes we have to do it.  None of us love nail clipping but it is very uncomfortable to let the nails grow and curve.  It will affect the gait of your dog in the ring, but will also make it uncomfortable to walk for the companion Havanese.

Clear nails are easy just clip to the Kwick (right above where you see red in the nail) 

It's important to clip often - the more you do the shorter you can keep the nails.  Clipping often will recede the Kwick allowing you to keep nails nice and short.  I have often left this too long because I hate clipping black nails and as a result have ended up with talons on my Havanese.  It's correctable just start clipping a tiny bit every day and the Kwick will begin receding


Black nails are more difficult because you can't see the Kwik.  You can simply cut a tiny bit off every two days but if you have left it and have to make a cut I use the following method.

Text Box: I cut here
Taylor's nail are too long - I have not cut them often enough and of course they are all black. I look at the nail from the side and you will see a small natural thickening in the long nail or the place AFTER where the nail curves.  Cut just above the thickening to be conservative.  Once you have done this trim a tiny bit off every 1-2 days just a fraction and the nails will go back to proper length.

A larger dog's nail so it is easier to see

side view of the cut part of the nail with parts 1 and 2 labeled

Don't forget the Dew Claws as some breeders don't remove them

dogs front feet

If you accidentally cut the Kwick and get some blood you can use styptic powder or a styptic pencil.  You can purchase from any pet store.  Apply the powder with a q-tip.  The stick has a black end that is held to the bleeding nail and gently rotated until bleeding stops.

Foot Pads

Foot pads get hairy on havanese and can cause spreading of the toes, discomfort and a poor gait on your pet.  You need to cut the hair around and in-between the pads and keep the area free of mats.  I use a small clipper for this but you can also use scissors.  If using scissors I would make this a two person job on an un-trained pet or leave it to your groomer

Definitely time for a trim.  Taylor is very hairy and this needs to be done about every two weeks for her.

It is almost impossible to cut Taylor with clippers but I start with the blade on the pad and then move our to cut the hair.  Cut against the curl or natural lie of the hair not down - you want some resistance

You can also use scissors.  I'm using scissors to get come hair out between the pads

A short haired huge dog but same principal






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