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Ella and Peter - Born June 19th, 2014

Ella had the biggest litter she has ever had 5 puppies.  Must be the Pritchard sunshine and exercise.  She had a fast delivery and had them all out in under two hours.  Middle of the night mind you, but you can't have everything :-)  Following in Kensie's footsteps she decided to give us 4 boys and only 1 girl too.  Good thing we love our boys!

The Charlie Brown Litter

Pig Pen Sable Boy ob Linus - Sable boy darker socks
Pig Pen 7 weeks Linus 7 weeks
Schroder - Sable Boy light sable front legs Charlie - Black and Tan Sable
Schroder - 7 weeks Charlie 7 weeks
Lucy - Sable Girl
Lucy 7 weeks














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