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Havanese Puppies from Cheena and Tux 

We repeated this breeding because the puppies were so nice.  Cheena handled the birth like the pro she is.  She gives very little warning and then goes into labour so you don't have to wait a long time.  This time the wait between puppies was long though.  We had one weird delivery, a water sack, a placenta, a puppy and a water sack it was like a long sausage, that I had not seen before.  All was fine but she did take awhile to push that all out.  The next puppy flew out, as I think he was waiting.  All was well, all were healthy and as usual she is just a great mom.  She is so relaxed.  Cheena does not follow the breeding  protocol though.  When mom's are ready to deliver they don't eat that day almost always.  Cheena eats the entire day,  in fact I was feeding Cheena cheese while she was in labour.  I don't think anything stops Cheena from eating :-)



Piper - Girl -  Black and   White Parti - 6 week photo  CLICK ON PHOTO TO SEE MORE PICS Harley - Boy - Chocolate Parti.  Six week photo.  Click on picture for more photos

RESERVED Isabelle - Girl - Black Pied with white markings.  Updated 6 week photo.  CLICK ON PHOTO TO SEE MORE PICS RESERVED Nathan - Boy - Black and Tan boy - also with those great eyebrows - 6 week photos updated.  Click on picture to see more photos
  RESERVED Chester - Solid Chocolate boy with some tan markings on legs My pick - reserved  Six weeks.  More photos of Chester if you  click on his pic
RESERVED Sebastian - Black Irish Pied - Boy RESERVED Jessie - Girl - Black and Tan - 6 week photos updated.  click on photo to see more pictures of Jessie








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