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Finally we bred Carmen and Coby.  We  have wanted to do this breeding since we got Coby, but he was always touring around the country when Carmen came into season.  My daughter and her friend, married Carmen and Coby 3 years ago in a little ceremony in our motorhome and we have been waiting every since.  Well the puppies are here.  Carmen delivered six babies on the 29th of July.  Easy easy delivery, 3 hours total.  She actually delivered in our motorhome, as we were still on vacation.  I was prepared though that she might have the babies early and we had everything we needed.  Actually it was better than home, given the heat wave we have been having in Vancouver.  Doug stayed a little longer making sure the puppies were settled and gaining well before coming home.  They are home doing very well, good weight gains. 



New Havanese Puppies
Carmen and Coby Havanese Puppies are Here

OK sorry it has been a few weeks.  Puppies are not just over 6 weeks.  They are piggies, all eating their 3 meals a day very well and getting fairly chubby.  They are doing extremely well with their potty and personalities are certainly developed.  These puppies are all reserved

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Murphy - Cream Boy taken at 6 weeks

Cleo  - White and Black Parti Girl Taken at 6 weeks

Lola - Black girl white on neck and blaze - Taken at 6 weeks Parker - Black Boy white boy blaze on head taken at 6 weeks

Angus - Smaller black boy more white on chest then Spencer Taken at 6 weeks

Spencer - Bigger black boy less white on chest then Taken at 6 weeks

New Born Picture







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