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Another Boy - I know I have absolutely no excuse but I fell in love with him, and I do seem to have a male Havanese addiction.  He is an outcross to my lines and I needed him for my breeding program (That's my story and I'm sticking to it)

There is a story behind Bacca's name.  When he was a baby he made the funniest sound, it was not a whine, it was not a bark, it was like a moo - he sounded like a cow, still does sometimes.  Vacca is Portuguese for Cow, but the V is pronounced like a B so Bacca seemed to suit him.  Plus he is a Holstein Cow right :)

A year old now and a dual Champion, Bacca  just smiles and smiles.  I have just bred Bacca to Holly and expect amazing puppies


Oh My we have a lot of work to do in the walking department LOL


6 months


5 months


OK I was done - except I started breeding and I could not part with all of them - well could I????









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