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The House

Here you go, I came home early so there would still be some light, but my battery was low so these are not works of art.  Hate to admit but I didn't clean up for you either :-)   I hate my house but Doug has been working on reno's for the last year.  He is putting in a grooming room for me, right now it is in the living room with everything else, and we took out all the walls and re-floored so we would have a great room.  The dogs let us live with them.  I'll try to explain how the pens work (indoor and outdoor) for when girls are in heat - or we are leaving for long periods of time.

The house - 1/3 acre


Back Yard - Dogs have full run, when we have girls in heat we have a sectioned off outdoor yard for them


Outdoor pen- they can get to this anytime - even when we are out - they have a dog door from the deck that goes to the pen.  They have full run of yard from another gate that opens into the yard, but if we are not home we don't let them hang out in the yard.  This pen has fishline over the top - in case of owls, eagles, hawks.  The puppies and teenagers are never allowed to access the outside unless we are home - they are too small.

This is an inside pen where my two girls in prime heat are right now.  We have an intregate system where gates open and close so we can rotate who has run of the house, run of the yard etc. when girls in season.  The girls in heat can at this moment get out into the yard from the dog door.  The boys right now are just in the living room.  Then we rotate.  If we are out and have to keep them seperate there is an identical set-up on the other side of the dining room for the boys. and they have outdoor pens which would be closed if we are not home

This is an outdoor pen from the girls dog area - it is closed right now, because Doug was out and I just got home and the boys are free to come and go on the deck.  In a little while I'll close the gate for the boys and let the girls have a run and a play. 

Here is the boys pen.  I've closed them in from the deck and they have their outside pen and opened the girls. side. It's a pain when girls are in season but this them safe and still gives them freedom.  I don't want them in crates for 3 weeks

A bit overexposed because of the window but this will be Taylor's whelping room.  It also seems to be our main TV room, and we have a small office in here too - we like to whelp the puppies where there is lots of traffic, but the moms need privacy from the other dogs.  This little den is perfect.  If I have two at the same time, I use my bedroom.  The dogs sleep there normally so they grumble as they get moved to the family room for sleeping if I'm whelping in the bedroom

A gate separates our front steps.  Saftey Havanese are not street smart and they are fst.  The large 6 x 6 crate beside Taylor (she's been shaved down) is where I put wet dogs while I'm grooming - see why I need a grooming room :-)

They have another 6 x 6 closed x-pen that they can in and out - this is where I put the puppies if we have to go out

Doug just came home so lets of activity at the gate :-)

My cutie pie husband

Two of the kids

Cheena my Alpha girl guarding her toy on the couch.  This is Max my Bichon

My bedroom - oops nobody made the bed this morning.  They all sleep in their crates in our room at night.  We have 2 in bed with us and they get to change places every month.  This month it has been Taylor and Poppy because they are pregnant and need to get up and go potty through the night with their big bellies


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